Now Is A Great Time To Sell

by shundley on December 2, 2014

December 2014 was a great month for sellers in South Redondo Beach.

Though the average sales price in March is not quite what it was the month before, in February, when it reached $1,067,960.41, the average price per square foot is higher than it’s been in the last few months, at $580.53 per square foot.

In contrast, the average price per square foot in February 2013 was $486.09.

In December 2014 , at 61 days, the number of days single-family homes spent on the market was the lowest it was in all of 2013. December 2014 would have produced the lowest number of days on the market for 2012 as well, but homes only spent an average of 56 days on the market in December 2012.

The average sales to listing price was also high in March, reaching 99.4%, which is the highest it’s been since November 2012, when it was also at 99.4%.

Over the past 12 months, the average sales price for condos and single-family homes was $714,290.66.

The average amount of days that homes stayed on the market was 78, for the year.

Still, March acted as proof that things are looking up. With the highest sales to listing percentage and price per square foot of the year, the month gave hope to sellers.